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    Quote Originally Posted by Gasmeister
    ...+ accepting unlimited internet for $50/mo.
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    My Cingular service has always been excellent, except the data connection hangs sometimes. Only way to fix it, as far as I can tell, is turn the radio off and back on. Then it works again.
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    Some GSM Treos came out with the Euro bands enabled instead of the US. Did you or the Cingular tech check this? Also, Cingular uses the 850mhz band in a lot of areas, which I believe also needs to be specified.
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    Well... it turns out that Sprint can't even open up a ticket correctly with field support, so I doubt they can fix the signal strength either. The tech guy I last spoke to was helpful, but only because he wasn't as stupid as the last guy I talked to. He said that the Treo650 has notes in it to say that it's main feature is a PDA not a phone... LOL whatever!

    He told me to callback with *2 to get a PRL update (or wasit PRI?). He says that it should help my signal strength.

    Good thing I didn't hold my breath too long becuase it hasn't done anything for me yet so far.

    Anyone even know what a PRL update (PRI?) is supposed to do?


    ** Getting ready to pack up the 650 to return to the Nextel/Sprint store Damn I am gonna be pissed to get stuck in another 2 year agreement with Nextel, however I >DO< need the free incomming.
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