I could only get Versa Mail to receive Email. But can't send. Time Warner is not even a choice on the ISP lists so had to choose "other". Found out from Verizon that in order to send email if you use Time Warner one needs to use Verizon's servers for outgoing. . . .

Set up incoming server as you normally would when setting up an Email account on outlook. Use those same settings, user name, password etc
But for outgoing mail server use: smtp.vzwmail.net
click next>advanced>next again to reach outgoing screen setup.
Check box "use auth. . . . (ESMTP)".
username= your 10 digit mobile number xxxxxxxxxx@vzwmail.net
You need to first setup a "Vtext account at www.vtext.com, this is the same account you need to use text messaging anyway. Use the password you set up in this account for your outgoing password on the Treo 650 Versa Mail setup
Click done.

It takes 24 hours for the server to recognize this new account.
So try and send a message the next day.
Mine worked and I spent hours with various Verizon tech support people until I found one that was knowledgeable with this process to finally solve this issue.

Just keep hanging up on them and calling back until you find one thats knows about these issues. Many times they don't speak our second language "English" here in the U.S. so hang up on them too!

Now I can delete the free 15 day trial snapper mail download which I couldn't get it to work either setting wise. For their rip off $49.95 premier edition I was very happy not to have to pay for this now that Versa Mail works fine now using Verizon's server to send email and Time Warners to receive.

For $300 for the phone and $45 a month for unlimited data I don't think I should have to pay for a program to use for email. They should work with you to get the included program to work with any email server. I didn't mind having to buy the $35 PDA net program (the 7135 included a modem program on their CD) because not everyone uses the Treo for a modem with their laptop and PDAnet is an excellent program which installs flawlessly.

Even though sending and receiving text messages cost extra with the Vtext service (even if you have an unlimited data plan) there is no charge for using that server to send mail from your 650.

I even just sent a picture attachment that I took with the phone to someone with the Versa Mail app. But I'm going to send one to myself to see if it sent the pic too.

Hope this helps anyone who is having the same "can't send issues" when using Time Warner's Road Runner account and a Verizon 650 through Versa Mail.