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    I have upgraded from a 600 to a 650. I can not sync with the USB cable to the PC Desktop . I can sysc on a machine that never had Palm Desktop on it. Therefore I know the cable to be good. I can synch via the I/R port however. The error message on the hanheld says the connection between my handheld and the desktop could not be established. Check setup ...etc.

    I have reinstalled the 650 desktop software and performed registry repairs as instructed by Sprint. The effect has been the same resutl. I can only Sync with I / R which is very slow.

    Sprint wants to replace the phone and cabels. It is new and I will get a referb so I do not want to do that just yet, besides I do not believe the phone is necessarily bad.

    I thought I would see what the forum has to say… I have done a lot of fussing with Windows XP settings, Hot synch settings etc. My USB ports are 2.0 and many other devices will plug right in and work properly so I do not think it is my PC. It is an IBM T41 and works very well.

    And Ideas or more questions? Thanks in advance.
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    Im having the same problem with my Treo 650. I have to connect and disconnect a few times and then for some strange reason it starts to sync. I think the problem is that the pc doesnt recognize the device being connected to the pc. I tried once to turn off bluetooth and it sync'ed right after. A few days later that method didnt work. If someone had this problem and fixed it for good, please share the wealth of info. Thanks

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