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    Phone rang today went to pick it up and the phone just soft reset itself. Now it won't stop reseting, just keeps doing it non-stop. I tried a hard reset and when if asks you to erase all date arrow up for yes and then it just get in the soft reset loop again, and again,

    Any ideas. The tech support guy at palm was an *****. They are sending me out a new phone but that's 3-5 days out. I told them I was sick of refurbished phones and that they need to send me a new instead. They said the would but I bet they will just send another refurbished one.

    Any ideas how to stop the soft reset loop. Would love to use the phone while the refurbished one is being shipped.

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    Try a warm reset: hold the 'up' button while performing a normal reset and release the button after the Palm logo (grey screen, black circle) appears.
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