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    I have a verizon 650 with software 1.03 VZW.

    My phone will be in my pocket and it will just reset by itself and i will here the noise of it turning wireless back on. Also, 50% of the time I hit the red button to turn on the screen it resets all by itself. VERY ANNOYING.

    I am pretty sure that it only happenes when wireless is on.

    Does it have something to do with mail from wireless sync from verizon?

    I also get calls sometimes and the phone freezes like 50% of the time also?

    What should I do
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    is ws the only app on the treo ?
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    I have a verizon 650 with software 1.03 VZW.

    Not sure if hardware version have anything to do with your reset problem but my rev A does not reset spontaneously like yours. My 650 rarely resets. I don't use wireless sync either. Have you tried turning off wireless sync for about a week and see if your resets go away?

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