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    cptncelchu announced: "Bust-a-move is THE best game ever made."

    If you like Bust-A-Move, you might be interested to know that Ziosoft has something similar called Bubble Blaster.

    Most unfortunately, Bubble Blaster is currently available only for that OTHER handheld platform.

    I did, just today, send them email asking them if they'll ever release it for the Palm OS. I haven't heard back from them yet.

    In the meantime, you can also play Snood on your PC/Mac/Unix box. With over 10,000 games played, I can definitely tell you it's majorly addicting.
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    I'm pretty happy with the productive programs that are out there so my wish list is a bunch of games:

    Risk, Sorry, Clue, Pai Gow Poker... those are just a few. Maybe Jumpman from the Atari days.

    I'd really like a good Stratego game. I think I would actually be willing to actually buy it (as opposed to settling for freeware).
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    well, ive tried out the bustamove clones and im a bit disappointed, the interface is pretty nice on PalmBubble, but the programming needs some work, also without color (viso solo user here) and no characters, it just isnt the same.

    I have actually found some other really great games:
    BigTwo is great (and free),
    SFCave rocks (and is free)
    Noble Moore (othello, also free)
    fingerdance (dance dance revoilution clone, shareware) Xiang (chinese chess, shareware)
    And reptiods (asteroids, freeware)

    Keeps me entertained, the board games are great when travelling with family.

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    I would like to know if it would be possible to have an application that would reset the Visor to its original state. A format button so to speak.

    I am aware of the Hard Reset (reset pin/powerbutton, up button combo) but doing this is just too awkward at times. I have read that you can do a reset from the Palm debugger so there must be a hardware hook (a dot command would be nice).

    I would use this application so that I could restore different configurations to my Prism (using Backup Modules) depending on the task at hand.
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    I'd like a program that would let me log on and off. Right now I seem to have to log on, use Blazer, log off, logon, check ICQ, logoff, check AIM, etc. Some programs seem to have the option to not log off when you quit and others don't. I have not seen anthing like a dial-up networking manager. Anybody?
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    We already has zillions of palm<->desktop WORD/database/speadsheet syncing pragram. Yet we don't have a html syncing program, which is 10 times more important than .doc format.

    But I really really want an auto ftp app/conduit that update webpage automatically on hotsync.

    If you think editing html on palm is crazy, let me explain it to you.

    1)You don't need to do actual editing, but basically some update on the "what's new" section, which can be isolate into an embedded small page via iframe. What I'm doing now is use an isolate .jsjsjs $file$.

    2)think about it, a "dairy" daily update on your homepage would be very nice.

    3) This is for people who actually know html, (okay maybe with a html4.0 manuel on iSilo) I only need an editor that displaces the line-break character. (both unix and win line-break)

    seriously, programmers, this will do as much business as WordSmith. Of course WordSmith can always add a html convertion conduit on the PC side, but there is not auto ftp app yet. The only ftp app I find lftp is a real time ftp app (probably on VII only)

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    I would love to see a Koei-style strategy game like Nobunaga's Ambition or Bandit Kings of Ancient China...
    The general themes being these:
    - Taking over lands / increasing your kingdom
    - Recruiting new generals / persuading or bribing enemy generals
    - Keeping your people happy / Keeping your generals happy
    - Training your soliders / Developing new units / Turn based battles (hex based maybe)

    Strategic Commander ( gets the closest to this genre... but it's just not deep enough in gameplay (and it ain't in color either )...

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    Where in the world did you find risk, sorry or clue? I can't find any of them. Are they freeware or you have to pay?

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    I'm really curious about those programs you mentions.

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    sorry..nevermind....those are your WISH list. Yes, I'd like to see some of those too!

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    Sorry Lex, I wasn't ignoring you. I just didn't hear you. I just happened to dig up this thread to post a few more ideas...

    and some sort of debugger to find potential conflicts in programs.
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