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    I've migrated from a Tungsten T3 to a Treo 650 (running 1.12-SPCS). With some of the contacts, I can not add a picture nor edit the information on the Treo. It will let me take the picture, but when I elect to save it, nothing happens. When I try to edit the contact, the changes are undone. With other contacts, I don't have this problem. I can also edit the affected the contact on the desktop and it syncs okay.

    If I copy one of the affected contacts, the copy has the same problems. However, if I delete the contact and re-enter the information as new, it works.

    It seemed that perhaps the DB was corrupted, but I've already tried deleting all the contact DBs on the device and syncing back from the Palm desktop, and the problem persists.

    Any suggestions are welcome. The thought of re-entering all my contacts is not very appealing!

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    How did you migrate from the T3? Did you just sync to your prior (T3) userid? If so, the Treo chokes on the prior T3 settings brought forward. You need to start with a new userid and beam your PIM data from the T3 to the Treo. Install all 3rd party software fresh.

    Hard reset before you sync to the new userid.

    Cheers, Perry
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    I upgraded by following Palm's upgrade instructions.

    Yes, all 3rd party apps were installed fresh.

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    I am posting from a High school football game. Do a search, there is data base clean up tool posted in the threads.
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