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    Where can I find this? Or how can I get it? I need to enable my device on my college network, so I can remote access my desktop.

    This is my first post, but I have been reading for a while. This forum helped alot when I got my data plan enabled, and also influenced my purchase of the seidio belt holster.
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    There isn't one. The Treo isn't an Ethernet device. You're accessing the Internet through your carrier's servers (think of them as proxy servers.)
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    Errrrr. Sorry for posting in the incorrect forum.
    My question is this. In order to use any remote desktop/VNC software here on my campus, I need to enable a mac address for my device, and register it with the IT people here. How can I do that without a MAC address???
    And thrid. Holmes, where in this lovely state are you from??
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    Your campus security system is based on getting the MAC address of ethernet cards ON the campus network. Your cellular phone connect to the cellular carriers network and gets a IP address from them. Their equipment is going to provide the mac address, so while there is one, you will not be able to get it without a lot of effort. But even if you do, your campus firewall will almost certainly block it so it's not worth your time.

    If you really want to use VNC etc on the treo, you will need a connection other than your campus lan (or you will need to talk with the IT people and discuss if they will allow any ports into the LAN from the internet. If so, just setup your VNC server to listen on that port.
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    Alright. Thanks for the info.
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    I'm in Nashua, FWIW.

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