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    Voice to email link coming for Treo users
    Synchronised voice and email coming, thanks to vendor Good Technology
    Richard Gincel, San Francisco

    Treo owners are about to get another bragging right. Good Technology will make available next week a download that allows GoodLink subscribers to access voicemail from their Palm Treo 600 or 650 inbox, thereby eliminating the need to dial in for voicemail.

    The unified messaging system forwards voice mail as a WAV file to the user's email account, which is synchronised to the handheld via GoodLink. After receiving an alert, the user can screen the voicemail and download it, after which it can be played, saved, and forwarded.

    Good integrated its Secure over-the-air management technology with MotionApps' mVoice and back-end communication systems from Avaya and Cisco, both of which are GoodLink subscribers.

    "This wasn't an enormous development effort, though there was certainly a lot of integration and testing involved," says Rick Osterloh, vice president of products at Good. "But we got to deliver this to customers rapidly because all the pieces work well together."

    The messaging option will cost US$15 (NZ$21) per seat. Administrators can provision and manage the application remotely.
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    This is just nothing more than Good selling the mVoiceMail app from MotionApps - nice job though of making a big splash out of it.
    Any one can get the same functionality out of their device by just getting that app themselves, which costs, coincidentally...$15. Huh - whaddya know.

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