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    Anyone know of a way to wipe a 650 when the 5way doesnt work?
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    Do a hard reset.
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    Do you mean you are trying to do a hard reset and when, after holding down the power button, pressing the reset, and only releasing the power button when the Palm logo appears, the up button isn't working when prompted to press up to delete all data?

    Maybe one of the security applications which allow you to hard reset remotely would work for you.

    I'm not sure what negative effect, if any, removing the battery and letting it just sit for a while would have.
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    ^ If I understand how memory on the T650 works correctly, it will take a VERY long time before the data in memory is erased due to lack of power (probably months if not years).

    It would be best to delete your personal information manually (such as calendar, contact, and notes database files). And then of course get a replacement unit.
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    If you do a hard reset you have to hold up on the 5way and since it's not working that doesnt work.

    That also. What remote utilities would do this other than good?

    Thanks for the responses guys!

    Edit ---

    I will try to load up RESCO and delete the stuff manually.

    Thanks guys
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    ^ Sweet, I will give it a whirl.

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