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    Version 2.52 | Sep-09, 2005

    * Treatment of databases with null records is changed:
    While in the past versions the null records were ignored, they are now preserved (copied, backed up, restored).
    This type of databases is very rare. (Used e.g. by TomTom Navigator.)
    * Solved some conflicts between ROM and RAM files using the same name.
    (E.g. in Backup Verify, copying from RAM to ROM, preview of the ROM database etc.)
    * T650 browsing: Shift+Up/Down is interpreted as PgUp/Dn.
    * Comparison by CreatorID is case-insensitive
    * Exotic RAM DB name (containing special chars such as '/', ':' etc.) are now supported.
    * Copy To dialog offers copy/move choice.
    * Improvements in the reception of the beamed files. (E.g. possibility to switch to Explorer.)


    * Removed crash in the Control Panel / Alarms.
    * Corrected DB preview for databases with empty (null) records.
    * Zip: Correct refresh of the file size after a zipped file was edited.
    * Click on a ROM database: The DB is not copied to RAM anymore.
    * Copying files larger than 40MB: Correction of the progress bar
    * Correction for the Palm OS bug/feature, when the OS ignores the AppInfo/SortInfo blocks during the size computation.
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    Scrolling is working as it should now, But I seem to have lost the ability to select all files for backup.
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