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    Hey guys,

    Just downloaded core media player. Im using 66. I downoaded the version that didn't say unstable. Anyway, I love it to death. but there is one problem. Im watching couple minutes into a video and when i try to get back to my home screen using the home key, the treo restarts to the welcome screen. Is that normal? I have a treo 650 with 1gb sandisk card.
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    touch the creen first to stop the playback. Wait a second for the treo to think a bit. then hit the home key. see if that helps.
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    Yea i tried to give it a minute. Still restarts after i click on the home button after watching on core player. What version are you using? Do you think you could link me?
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    There could be several reasons for the resets... need to know more about your setup. What phone are you using, what firmware/software version, what other apps do you have in RAM, how much RAM do you have free, how are you holding your mouth when pressing the home key, etc.?
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    Try another version of CORE, the developer has a forum and he and users all post different versions. I went thru 4 versions b4 I found one that did not reset on my phone.


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