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    hello every one,

    I've had my treo 650 for 3 days and i am loving it. I have a 1gb card and I'm loading it with music but i dont have a headset. If I buy the the palmone hybrid headset do i still need to buy an adaptor?

    this is the headset i am talking about:
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    never mind, i found my answer on the link that i posted =)
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    I've been thinking seriously about one of those. Anyone who has tried it, how's the sound, compared to a good pair of Sony earbuds, for example?
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    Sound is so-so. But it's nice to not have to mess with an adapter, and it's nice to be able to use for phone calls, so I'm happy.

    I'd like it if there were a code retractor, but I didn't get Siedo because of all the bad reviews I've seen.

    I went cheap, and so far have been fairly happy.
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