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    If I set Preferences->Default Apps->Email="Snapper" it works until my first soft reset. Then the setting is back to the verizon built in "Email" app.

    I suspect that the "Email" app is setting the preferences after a reset. Has anyone else seen this issue. It is driving me crazy. Soft resets are too frequent on the 650 to have this happen.

    I tried searching the fourm but didn't see any references to this issue. I see a lot of "lost preferences" references but I am not losing any other preferences just this one.
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    Have you registered SM as the default email app within SM itself? Menu-Options-Preferences-System
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    yes I set the SM preference to register as default app

    I also emailed SM support, they replied immediately stating that they can't solve it because the verizon email app is setting itsef as default after reset.

    I replied to them that chattermail works and that they can do several things to fix the issue. 1-set an alarm for 1min after reset and then register so they register after the verizon app 2-register when app is launched if pref is set 3-register during scheduled sync if pref is set

    For $60 you would think SM could think before replying

    I was hoping someone knew a way to disable verizon-mail app or make it stop setting pref or a hack to fix this issue. IF not I may have to write an app to override the Verizon email app myself.
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    I cant even get Chatter to show up in the "Email" pull down for setting it as the default
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    Quote Originally Posted by AnteL0pe
    I cant even get Chatter to show up in the "Email" pull down for setting it as the default
    Do you have it in RAM or on the SD card ? I think it has to be in RAM to show up.

    If you do have it in RAM then I am using the most recent beta copy so perhaps it was an issue which was addressed.
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    Chatter is very persistent about remaining the default email app and (in the Beta) taking over the Mail button, even after a reset.


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