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    Hi all--

    I'm hoping someone has run across the problem I'm having and has a solution. I've installed AppLock and Password Launch, separately, on my Treo 600 (VzW) hoping to lock access to certain programs.

    Both programs work as desired unless I try to delete them from the launcher applications menu. I've used Filez (and also experimented with File Prog and Resco Explorer as a test) to make the application read-only, so that it can't be deleted. When I try to delete the program, it won't let me (which is good security), but it *does* delete the a68k file that holds the password. The end result is that AppLock and Password Launch are then no longer password protected, and neither are the application(s) I want to lock.

    If I designate the a68k file as read-only, neither AppLock nor Password Launch can access the file to read the password, so they just refuse to open (or function) altogether.

    Is there a way to edit the list of deleteable programs in the launcher menu, so that AppLock or Password Launch do not appear there? Is there a way to lock a68k files without designating them as read-only?

    This seems like a major security flaw and defeats the purpose of both programs. I've emailed both developers but haven't received a response yet. Every message I've found in the forums is about people wanting to delete a68k files, but I just want to keep one...

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    I'm afraid there is no real solution for this unfortunately. Even if there was a way to disable deletion of apps, there is always the possbility of doing a warm reset which will always disable all sys extensions/hacks and thus curcumventing even this!!
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