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    I recently got my Treo 650 for Cingular. I bought 1GB SD card and transferred songs on to it. Now when I am playing these songs, after 2-3 songs it reboots by itself.

    Please help.

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    What player are you using? Realplayer? PTunes? And what is the message you get when you type in *#377 in the phone application after such a reset?
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    Thanks for quick reply. I am a first time user. I am using Real Player 1.6.0
    Could you please tell me steps to type ##377?


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    I had the same issue with a couple of the songs I purchased from itunes. I didn't convert them completely to mp3's and that was rebooting the phone when it would get to the song. Not sure if it's the same thing, but maybe you should try putting different songs on and see if that works.
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    I am getting following message after I enter #*377 in phone application

    'A reset was caused on 9/9/05 at 10:23 am while running "<unknown application>": Fatal Exception

    Any idea.
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    Unfortunately that error message isn't very helpful. Does it always happen with the same songs or is it completely random?
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    It does not matter which song I am playing. It always happen after 1-2 songs.
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    try ptunes ($$) or tcpmp (free) and tell us if you have the same problem.

    tcpmp -
    pocket tunes = (free demo)
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    Hello Sam-I-Am,

    First I tried the free stuff. Worked fine. But did not like the interface. So I tried P-tunes. This one also worked fine. Now I am happy. I will buy this software. It is lot better than real player.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Dp you have the latest firmware? It was supposed to fix some Real bugs I recall...
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