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    I've got two PC in my office, my main being a laptop (other is a workstation). Since it is my laptop, I obviously don't always have it connected in my office to the network. I wanted to use xpress mail, but had a couple of questions on how it works.

    1. Does it only forward mail residing on my POP server, thus requiring me to set Outlook to leave mail on the server?
    2. Can I have it setup on my workstation acting as the redirector even though my Outlook file is on my laptop?
    3. I don't want push setup as I only want to check mail when I'm away from the office - I don't want to get mail on my Treo while I'm sitting in front of my laptop reading it in Outlook - what is the best setup to accomplish this?

    Thanks in advance...
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    ^ In order:

    (1) You can configure XpressMail to deliver POP email periodically (I am not too sure how frequently it is polled) by way of XpressMail's web interface which can be found here.

    (2) This feature is only supported if you are using a MS Exchange server for email/collaboration. In your case, if you want to have access to Outlook data in XpressMail, you must load the client on the computer that has your Outlook data files.

    (3) There may be some way to manually poll your POP email box, but otherwise, if you are using the XpressMail client on your computer, email will be "pushed" whenever Outlook receives new mail.

    If I were you, I would forego using the desktop client, and just setup your POP email box in XpressMail's web interface, that way your Outlook computer will not need to be on all the time for you to receive email. Hope this helps
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    Several questions:

    1. Are you retrieving POP and Email from MS Exchange? If you are just retrieving POP and it is publicly accessible through the appropriate settings you can setup an independent POP connector via the Web like spiVeyx indicated. You will not get emails pushed through this method but you can set it to scheduled sync.

    2. You can also setup the re-director to access POP as well and that will give you Push however then you must have the re-director on.

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