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    This is a question for those of you who got your 650 somewhere OTHER than your carrier. For example, you are a tmo customer and bought it on ebay. How have your experiences been when you have a hardware problem?

    I am a tmo person and have never bought an unlocked outside of tmo. With the issues people have been having with the 650 I am nervous that I will be looking at a lot of red tape if I run into a problem.

    When I had a problem with my tmo-subsidized phone, I was able to just walk into a tmo store and they replaced it in 3 minutes. How does it work if I have a hardware issue with the 650 I bought new on ebay?
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    I bought a Cingular branded unlocked 650 on Ebay. I called Palm to get the new style sim tray and they sent it to me no problem. But, When I asked the guy that was helping me what would happen if I had a problem he told me that they would replace it for the first 90 days and between that and the one year point I would have to go through Cingular. Well obviously that would not help me because I have it with T-Mobile.
    I am past the 90 day mark so hopefully I will not have any serious problems.
    I am curious to hear any other responses to this one.
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    I bought a brand new in a sealed box unbranded Treo 650 from E-bay. It cost $465.00. The warranty that came in the box says that there is a one-year warranty and a 90 day replacement warranty. I registered it when I first loaded the software. I am running it on tmo and the only problems I had was when I installed Xiino. That prompted the phone to keep resetting itself and only a hard reset cured the problem. Since than it has been functioning flawlessly, including full Interned with the T-zones workaround. Of course, it has been only two weeks and I am not the kind of guy who likes to load on all sorts of funky software.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eafenyes
    I bought a brand new in a sealed box unbranded Treo 650 from E-bay. It cost $465.00.
    Not to go off topic on my own thread, but are there any more where that came from? IM me the eBay user ID if you don't mind.

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