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    I was wondering if there's a skin case + armband combo for the Treo 650 available on the market? I typically use a skin case, and I want to find a perfectly fitting armband that works without needing to take off the skin case for working out.

    I know that there are cases available for IPods where you can slide the Treo in, but with a skin case on, it seems like it'd be nearly impossible to slide in because of the "stickiness" of the skin case.

    I got this idea from seeing this one currently available for the IPod: IPod skin/armband combo - the nice thing about this is that it comes bundled together, so you know that the case would definitely fit the armband really well.
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    No responses?

    Anyways, I got the armband made for the IPod (see link above), and it works great! So...for those of you in the market for a lightweight case that can hold a skinned Treo, this is a great option. Speck's customer service was awesome too....thanks!

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