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    "The conduits were unable to connect to Outlook, possibly because the log-on was canceled or because the default folder in the outlook is set to None."

    This error message appear when trying to change the setting for any Outlook conduit.

    Yes, I've searched and read other similar threads, but no solution works for me so far.

    I just updated to Windows XP and Outlook 2003 and I cannot sync anything to Outlook. I've done everything (I think), even a "Detect and Repair of Outlook. Anyone ever find some new solution not yet recorded at Palm? I've tried them all, so I am hoping maybe there's something else.

    I'm going to call Cingular support tomorrow - maybe they'll pay for Chapura for me like Sprint has done for some of their customers.
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    I've had that error occur very rarely when I've worked in Outlook extensively prior to starting a hotsync. I ended up rebooting to clear the error - I suspected that some Outlook process was looped causing the conduits not being able to connect.

    Have you tried uninstalling Hotsync and then reinstalling it?
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    Have you reinstalled the Palm Desktop from the Treo 650 disk.

    Cingular won't help you. Check the PalmOne website. They have good solutions for Outlook syncs.
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    More troubleshooting seems to point to Outlook as the culprit. I also have a Samsung i600 and it won't sync either - it tells me it can't connect to Outlook, to the culprit is Outlook.

    Since my i600 is a corporate phone, this is now a corporate support issue and I get to lay it in their laps.

    Thanks anyway!
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    Try launching Outlook from the Run Command line using: outlook.exe /resetfolders.
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    Are you using the Exchange version of Outlook? If so, the Hotsync will be looking for a .pst file, but the Exchange version is a .ost.

    Once I forced the hotsync to look for the .ost, everything was OK after that.
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    I have solved the problem. It was all related to an upgrade to Windows XP (flatten and re-load the PC) and upgrade to Outlook 2003. I had to delete the user and let the conduit re0buikld it and all was good - expect that the Outlook calendar got over-written by the 650 <sigh>. Oh, well, at least it now works.

    This was the same solution as for MS ActiveSync. As near as I can tell they both had some sort of user-profile identified hook into the old version of Outlook that needed to be updated.

    All is good - well, it will be once I get everyone to re-send me all my appointments. While I have most of them, I need ALL data fields for them and the Palm calendar does not have them, so I have missing info right now. <sigh>.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

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