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    Im about to the end of the line with my 650. I love the phone but everytime the phone soft resets it cannot recognize my SD card or wants to reformat it when it can and then the format fails. Its an ADATA 150x 1GB card. I can get it to format on my card reader but whats the point if i lose my data on it every few days on a soft reset..... any help on what to do here?i payed like 600 for a phone that comes with a SD card slot and you cant even use it fuly and correctly without losing all the data on it.
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    yea i have the same exact card as you and have had nothing but problems with it i couldnt even format it on my pc so i returned it and bought a sandisk 1gb which is alot better and no problem.if you can return it and buy somthing else cause that card is trouble!!
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    compusa is currently selling 1gb sandisk cards for $60. If you take their ad to staples they will beat it by 10%.

    -or- if you really wanna work it:

    Is the ebay coupon which will run you about 5 bucks to save 30 (in other words save 25).

    Here is the staples 1gig SD card:

    $79.94 + $20.06 filler (pick up some items you will use, like the BAII Plus calculator for Finance 301 which is required) = $100 - 30 (ebay coupon) - 20 staples easy rebate = $50 bucks for the 1Gig SD card + the other items you added

    Dont say I never did anything for ya...
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    I have found purchasing a good, brand-named, SD Card is on the best investments one can make for his/her T650.

    Early on in my T600 days, I purchased a cheap SD Card, and had nothing but problems. Since, I have purchased SANDISK-branded cards, and have had ZERO problems.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    I have been saying since day 1... The problem is the faster the card, the more likely the treo will corrupt it. The treo's SD hardware just is not built very well...

    Get a cheapy and it'll work perfectly!

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