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    Where can I purchase the TomTom 4 software for my 600 today. All I could find searching the internet and Ebay was the version 5 for the 650.

    Is it still available anywhere? And what should I expect the cost to be?

    Thanks for any help,
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    I got mine at

    It was part of a bundle with TomTom4 and I.trek GPS mouse (wired) with all cables for $180. Not sure if they still have this deal. There was some conversation regarding tomtom support for the 600, they told me it was not compatible, but my semsons invoice and use of it (with 5meg free ram) says otherwise. They may be discontinuing the Treo 600 stuff (I am looking for a Seidio g2100 cradle and they said they do not have any for the 600).

    I did receive the TomTom5 update for free but am waiting for a replacement cable to test it out.
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    I checked Semsons, and I only see ver 5. That is all I see anywhere...

    Does anyone have an old copy to sell? I know it is a long shot...


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