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    Anyone experienced this?

    I tried to make a call, changed my mind (damn nextel sqeeked at me as I dialed) and hit the hangup button and the call proceeded against my wishes. The phone app went back to the main screen and multiple presses wouldn't take me to an active call screen.

    As far as the Treo was concerned it wasn't connected to a call, but (via my BT headset, BTW) I am chatting away with a customer. After about 10 min. I tried to hang up with the headset and nothing would work. I had to reset the phone to get off the line.
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    Yeah that's happenned couple times to me on my Sprint 650. Seemed like some kind of network weirdness that might have caused it. It does not happen very frequently fortunately though...
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    I think there was wierd space weather over the last couple days.

    It's been screwing a lot of telecommunications things up

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