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    Hello everyone!

    If anyone has access to the new motorola ROKR adaptor, could you please plug into the 650 and see if ti works?

    The palm adaptor is awfully bulky and awkward.

    Here is a pic:

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    I bought the ROKR 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter from a Cingular company store (Cingular logo on the package - although the adapter was black, not white like in your picture) and tried it on my Treo 600. I did NOT work at all. I returned it and now I continue to use the Seidio adapter, which works just fine on my 600.

    The ROKR adapter has three black rings on the 2.5mm plug (ie. 4 separate contacts). I assume the extra ring provides a separate connection for the microphone input. The Seidio only has 2 ring (3 contacts) presumably for left / right channel and ground.

    When I used the ROKR adapter with my Treo 600 wired into my car stereo AUX input, there was horrible feedback and the actual audio was muted significantly.

    I have read that others have had bad experiences with the Seidio adapter, but so far mine has worked just fine.

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