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    I just bought a slightly used Treo 650 on eBay and the down arrow doesn't "snap" when pressed like the other buttons on the d-pad.

    Is there any fix for this. I tried to disassemble the unit, but I don't think I got all the screws out. (I found 7)

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    Recently, I had a "stuck" alt key. It was like halfway and permanently depressed, and I knew it was happening because I couldn't suddently have become such a bad typist. That, and a high propensity for characters with strange symbols.

    Took it to the Sprint store to see if they had a tech guy who could push it back up. They took it from me to run some diagnostics, and I was to come back in 1/2 hour. When I came back they told me they had to order me a replacement Treo, because there was no fix for a broken key, and no way to push it up. In a few days, I had my refurbished 650 and it seems to be working fine. If you figure something out differently, please post here.

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