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    I have done a search for my question but I have found nothing.

    My company forced me to upgrade my Outlook from 2002 to Office Outlook 2003. It was to do with an ISP change and now we use a web-based Exchange system.

    I got me email back up and running but I am having problems with syncing my Calender, Contacts, Tasks and Notes. They worked perfectly before.

    The error message that I receive is as follows:

    "This handheld is associated with a different Outlook profile. To synchronize with that profile, close Outlook and synchronize again. To use this device with the current Outlook profile, open the HotSync custom dialog and change the conduit settings to use this Outlook profile. See the Outlook conduit help for details. "

    I am looking through the hotsync custom dialog and cannot find how to change the profile.

    Should I reload the Outlook conduit from my Palmone CD again?
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    You have to select custom settings from the Hotsync manager, then select contacts/change/Settings. There should be a button near the top for Profiles. Select that and select your new profile.

    I don't know if you have to do this for all of the Outlook condiuts or if changing one will change all of them.

    Good luck.
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    Finally have it up and running. It was an issue with the new Exchange version of Outlook I am now using. The Hotsync was looking for a .pst file, but the Exchange version is a .ost. Once I forced the hotsync to look for the .ost, everything was OK after that.

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