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    Microsoft Outlook gets stuck "processing mail rules" when the PC Monitor is running. Send/Receive Status freezes at 99% and the PC stops receiving e-mail so no e-mail gets pushed to the Treo. If I turn off the PC Monitor, Send/Receive completes and the PC begins receiving e-mail again. Also, if I delete the user in the PC Monitor and re-create the user, the wireless sync works properly until the computer is rebooted. Does anyone know what could be causing this or how to fix the problem?
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    What version of outlook are you using? 2000? 2003? 2002?
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    Outlook 2003
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    I realize this is an old thread but I actually did a google search and this thread was one of the very few threads that came up with the keywords "processing mail rules" send/receive and exchange.

    Has anyone figured this out? I'm on an outlook 2003 client as well, Exchange 2000, and the verizon wireless sync connector with 3 users setup. I'm on the latest version of the connector, too - so I would have hoped if this was an issue a couple years ago, that it'd be fixed by now?
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    I know this is an old thread but maybe this will help someone searching for an answer.

    I just setup Verizon wireless sync and had many of the errors mentioned on this forum.

    The "mapi" error - you must be connected to your Exchange server by vpn. RPC over http doesn't work.

    The hanging on processing mail rules - here's how i fixed mine. I vpn to the work Exchange box. When setting up the mailbox in Exchange, I enter the servername, i.e.: "fred". Fred is listed in my hosts file. Outlook then translates it to "". That isn't in my hosts file but it works. If I ping my Charter cable service returns a DNS server address which isn't correct, but that's what they do. They should be returning not found. Anyway, adding to my hosts file fixed it. Not only was Outlook hanging on the rule processing, but it was dog slow. Now it's back to normal.


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