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    Hi All -

    Purchased a NutShell case from TreoCentral earlier this week. Just noticed that their site says for 600/650. When I go to the NutShell site they list separate cases for the 600 & the 650.

    Has anyone ordered a NutShell from TreoCentral recently? Is it the same as the 650 from NutShell direct? Does it have the improvements I read about in this thread

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    Since it was waiting for me when I got home from work, I can now answer my own questions (great shipping btw). It looks like it is the one w/o the improvements listed in the thread above. Oh well, the case looks great and I'm not sure what benefits I would have gotten out of the new design as I don't use any accessories.

    I'm also assuming the case will stretch a bit with time to make it easier to slide in & out.

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