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    I just got my 650 and yes I did a search on this issue...

    I synched all my data with my old data (from the 600) and now my Favorite buttons are too big. I tried deleting FavoritesDb2 with no luck.

    Any other ideas?
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    You should never sync everything from a 600 to the 650. You should have renamed your backup directory before the initial Hotsync of the 650, and just added apps that are generally recognized to be compatible.

    I would suggest that you follow that path: hard reset your 650, rename your backup directory, hotsync and install only 650-compatible apps.
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    ^ This thread also has some good suggestions.
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    Bet you have a dialpad overlay/skin which is incompatible with the 650. You need to delete it from RAM and you'll be all set.

    It's probably one of these:
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