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    well I am determined to become somewhat more geeky but geez it seems like the phone shoucl at least do what it is supposed to once. I mean I cant even synch with my computrer at all.. Is Palm support any help? maybe? I tried msn and the guy I chatted with for two hours was stuymped. It also seems as though many peoples issues are somewhat different
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    ^ If you're having trouble syncing, and you've already tried troubleshooting the issue, I would call your carrier and try to get a replacement unit.

    It sounds to me that the problem you're having might be hardware related.

    The other option that you have is to call Palm. They should also be able to determine if your problem is hardware or software related, and then from there, point you in the right direction.
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    I have got my treo up and running. a call to palm did the trick and so far I am much happier than yesterday. everything is working ok at the moment going to install the included appa later today and see how that works and ease into other applications slowly
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    ^ That's great to hear. Be sure to let us know if you have any other trouble or questions.

    I hope everything continues to go well with you from here on out
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    Got my e-ma9ol up and working too. I used izymail along with versamail and it works and the interface on the4 phone is much easier to use it seems to me. Not sure I am getting my email pushed to the phone yet but the get feature seems very fast or at least acceptable. anyone got any tips in this area?
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    I'm back to where I was before - random crashes, crashing on loading Chatter, crashing on waking. Battery life is still abismal.
    I'd like to go to a Sprint store and try an exchange but the last time I was there I wasted over an hour. The lines for tech support at Sprint stores are much longer than the ones I see at Verizon, any suggestions on getting Sprint customer service to help?

    I noticed that there was a headline about a class action suit. So much for me being a troll.
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    I'm replacing my 650 with a new one because of a broken case. But the old one runs just fine with only a few 3rd party apps. My question is: can I simply hotsync the brand new one with my existing desktop to transfer everything, or do I have to somehow separate the 3rd party apps from the initial hotsync and reinstall them separately? What is the appropriate sequence when going from one 650 to another one, where both have the same ROMs, etc.?
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    Bottom line I am convinced if you have a Phone A --you will have problems vs the ones who have a Phone B. You can check this in the phone if CDMA and from Sprint by doing the following. I use Sprint Biz email and it works great except when my PC is hit with a power outage. To see if you have an A phone or a B phone.

    1) open the Phone application (dialpad)

    2) enter the appropriate prefix then the code number below (For CDMA models you should enter ## before number the code, and for GSM models you have to enter #*) then dial

    code=786 This the Phone Information Page. It tells you how many minutes the unit has on it, how much data has transpired, the warranty date, software versions, etc.

    In other words, for Sprint CDMA (and I assume also Verizon CDMA) you open the phone app and dial "##786" then hit "dial" and it will tell you more than you want to know about your phone, including the "refurb status," hardware revision, PRL, etc.

    It's educational.
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    No problems with mine. taking...sound reader!!

    Nothing I cant do on the treo.....

    except cook dinner!!


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    I don't have any of the problems mentioned. I'm on Sprint, and I use Versamail heavily.

    If you are having that many problems there is probably a corrupt file on your Treo, or a particular app that is running in the background and crashing. Try doing a hard reset and starting from scratch (make sure you clear out your backup folder on your PC, otherwise when you hot sync all your files will come back, including the corrupt one). Then reinstall any apps one at a time (wait a day or so between adding apps, just so you can make sure the last app you installed isn't causing any problems). If you start getting resets after installing an app, then you know what the culprit is and you can delete it. Also if it is an older app that might not be programmed correctly for NVFS, instead of deleting the app, you can try locking it with Resco Locker.

    This process helped me when I was having problems with my phone resetting. Hope this helps you. If not, then maybe you need to have your phone replaced.

    Jacob H.
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    I don't have any of the problems, either. Cingular 650. Chattermail, documents, Butler, Profiles, Bejeweled 2, etc. Rarely crashes. Switched to the longer life battery and can easily go 30 hours between charges. I'm happy.
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    My 650 is behaving brilliantly! Not a palm apologist but this is quite a leap from the 600 I had. Crashes once in a blue moon usually when I have added a 3rd party app.. Versamail drove me crazy until I demanded a tier 3 rep and actually schooled him in some things on pop3 and gmail configs..But everything's a go now and it's back to doing commerce and trade via this device. My dough is email and phone dependant so I need a reliable phone. I can understand those frustrations but the tech world requires the patience and detail attention. I would cop a new one from Sprint if it still crashes in spite of a hard reset. My hunch is that there is sw on there that is related to your problem or a corrupt file. Lose Chatter and enter digital Nirvana!

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    I am very happy with the Treo. The phone freeze and acts crazy when signal is weak or coming in-and-out. Where signal is good, my Treo works very nice.

    I am not sure if phone like Moto or Nokia freeze while it scans for network, but if they are phone only, there is nothing else for it to do anyhow. If only Cingular allows me to roam to T-Mobile or T-Mobile to Cingular, life would be so much better.
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