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    I get the incorrect number of unread messages in "phone" view of Treo 650. Is there any way to correct this?
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    What app are you using for mail?

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    I use Good Email from Good Technologies. However, the number of unread messages that I am referring to is for the text and multimedia messages and not for Email messages. The number of messages in the "Phone" view is stuck at 10 regardless of how many messages I have in the "Messaging" application's Inbox. Thanks for the help.
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    You need to delete the messages file using FilesZ or other program.
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    What is the name of the file to be deleted? Per Palm web-based support I had previously deleted any files created by asc3 or asc4 since my problem started with an MMNotify crash. These include:
    MultiMail Disconnected
    MultiMail Attachments
    MMNotify Send
    MultiMail Messages
    MMNotify Response

    I see only one unlocked message database called "Messages Database". Is this the one to be deleted? Thanks again for the help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by asalmasi
    I see only one unlocked message database called "Messages Database". Is this the one...?
    That file does indeed hold your messages.
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    Deleted the file and worked like a champ. Thanks for the help.

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