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    Quick question for everyone. Just got an advance replacement and need some advice. How strict are Palm on the condition of the returned phone? The replacement is in pristine condition, mine has some scrapes and paint peeling off in a few areas. I can't do much about it but, the battery door has a nice dent in it on the side, wondering if I should keep the banged up door and send back the new door with my broken 650? I am leaning towards just sending back as is. Just wanted to know if anyone ever had palm come back and say they won't replace it due to the condition of the case of the phone? Keep in mind I have had it for about 9 months now.

    The problem I had was two fold, the center button doesn't work when the phone locks and the phone continously hotsyncs. It thinks the button is always depressed on the sync cable for some reason.
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    You can return the damaged door, they refurbish the phone anyhow
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    agree - if the only marks are on the case, you shouldn't have a problem.

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