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    I've got a few things I have been thinking about and wanted to see if anyone else has....

    I noticed that some channels seem like they are showing "live" tv while others look pre-recorded and run on a loop while others look like they are maybe run on a delay. Has anyone else noticed this and does anyone have a breakdown of what is live, pre-recorded/loop, run on delay?

    Along the same lines, it looks like some channels show the exact same content that you see on real TV while others look like they are showing content filmed exclusively for MobitTV. Some broadcasters even mention "MobiTV". Does anyone have a breakdown of this?

    Finally, could someone please get word to ESPN that their channel is completely un-watchable!?!? Am I the only one who has content come in for ESPN at about 15 seconds and then it buffers only to jump to a completely different segment? Man, that is frustrating.

    I can't wait to see how this develops - thanks MobiTV!!!
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    Would it be possible to add a feature to rotate the entire screen 90 degrees (inluding the interface component as well as the picture so that you could rest or hold the treo sideways? For long periods of watching movies with TCPMP etc, it is easier to hold the treo sideways or rest it on something that way.

    Just a thought!
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    Just downloaded and installed, it was quick and easy. I'll pay the $10 to try it for the first month.
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    I just downloaded and installed MobiTV on my Treo 650 SprintPCS and I have to say I am VERY impressed with something so cutting edge. It works amazingly well and I think its well worth the $10 for one month to try it out, as far as keeping it past that I would probably either have to have more channels with LIVE content (not looped) or a reduction in the monthly rate to maybe $3 or a yearly subscription with a heavy discount.

    What really impresses me is how well MobiTV is interacting with us on this discussion board and answering all our questions. I very rarely see a company interact and keep us up to date so well with a new product. Just on that alone makes me really want to see MobiTV succeed in this new market of live television via cellular. It does show me that MobiTV DOES care what us Treo users think about their product and not just taking our money without supporting the application like so many others do.

    Thanks MobiTV!

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    I'd be a relatively light user (mainly on weekends, and some sparse use inbetween).

    I'd like to try it out, but the price is scaring me off at the moment. A lower price or discount for an annual subscription would be good, as about $5 or so per month is probably my price.
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    Hi all - I may have to disappear for a little while, there's quite a lot going on here, but a few quick updates:

    -Live vs. pre-recorded: I believe the balance is something like 40% live vs. 60% clips. All of our live TV runs at about a 90 second delay. As you guys may know, there are other services out there like Verizon's VCast which are 100% clips, so one of our biggest selling points is the fact that we've been able to get live TV going at all. Also, as far as I know, that is the actual feed ESPN is providing us, it is of questionable utility. I'm doublechecking with our operations guys to make sure there's nothing wrong, but of course we would like better content (can you say SportsCenter?). You know who to talk to

    -Screen rotation generally isn't supported on the Treo, but you never know what the future holds.

    -For those of you worried about ruining the simplicity of the current experience, we have robust safeguards in place to ensure that never happens. We call them "product managers".

    -Last, for those of you on T-Mobile and with older Cingular SIMs, we are putting the finishing touches on right now and will be releasing a new client shortly. I will post to this thread when it's ready and you should be receiving an e-mail update from Handmark as well.

    Thanks --
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    I second Booya's emotion. Enough about the cost too....if you are in the T650 league, you gotta have the jack to try MobiTV?

    Just a quick comment on Mobi's tech support; I did not have sound after DL and install. Called tech support, short wait to talk to a tech, he said others have had this problem, and we unintalled a file (using FilEZ) called something like (sorry) shared____lib (it was 61kb) ran Mobi and sound was good.

    For those of us old enough to remember "real audio" in the old days, just wait a little, and I am sure the A/V quality will be much improved. It is up to us early adopters on the bleeding edge to pave the way for others? Thanks Mobi!

    P.S. The audio also works on my internal video camera again too! I think my EMTAC bluetooth GPS knocked that out originally?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Swifty2000
    I second Booya's emotion. Enough about the cost too....if you are in the T650 league, you gotta have the jack to try MobiTV?
    It's not about the ability to pay, it's the choice.

    I may be able to afford a BMW 7 series, but does that mean that it meets my needs and I should just go ahead and buy it? No.

    Just like MobiTV. For me, it's a novelty, and at the right price I may be willing to get a subscription. But $10 is not that price.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PabloTX

    Just like MobiTV. For me, it's a novelty, and at the right price I may be willing to get a subscription. But $10 is not that price.
    $5 a month with an annual subscription would be the right price for me.
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    MobiTV when will Sprint start selling your app on the vending machines?????
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    I finally got around to trying some of the non-news channels. Comedy Time is GREAT, no commercials....another channel where it would be great to be able to just LISTEN without using battery to power the screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Atif
    I'll second or third this... As is, for me personally $120 a year is hard to justify for MobiTV as is right now.

    HOWEVER, I really like the technology and think this has great potential so I'd be willing to pay for a discounted annual subscription. That way when I do occationally want to watch it, I'd have it, and that would give MobiTV some financial support.

    Hopefully, being able to say "We have X number of yearly subscribers who have paid and are signed up and commited!" would give MobiTV some leverage in getting content providers on board.
    It's like this guy read my mind on all 3 points. Use the subscription numbers to get more content
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    Mr. MobiTV,

    On the signup page you ask who are carrier is. It's possible that Cingular doesn't know I have a Treo, and it's also possible that I have an unlimited data plan which I wouldn't be eligible for if they knew I had a Treo! So by signing up and choosing Cingular as my carrier on the sign-up page, will Cingular somehow learn that I have a Treo? I'd hate to lose my unlimited data plan (if I had one), or have to pay $20/month for it. Also, is the data streamed via port 80, so does it just look like http data as far as Cingular is concerned?

    Thanks for the response!
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    I wouldn't worry about it.
    1) For one thing I believe the handmark subscriptions royalties are paid to Cingular in an aggregate manner. Not necessarily a list of subscribers to which the match customer xxx is using MobitTV for palm, and he has data plan xyz. It probably never travels outside of Cingular's accounting department, and I think they could care less if customers are using the right data plan.
    2) Many people got Media Works or Media Net when it was sold (legitimately) to the Treo 600 or 650. So how do they know you didn't get it before they started disallowing it. At one time Media Net was the ONLY unlimited data option offered with a Treo. So as you can see they can't determine you arent supposed to have it simply by the phone type and data plan. They just know it isn't supposed to be sold that way today.
    3) See this thread Cingular MediaNet vs. DataConnect from the horses mouth You can see in even this case the person convinced CS to knowingly give him Media Net on a Treo.
    4) Cingular recommends you have Media Net for MobiTV on the standard phones "Because MobiTV uses data, not voice minutes, Cingular strongly recommends that you subscribe to a MEdia Net unlimited data package to avoid additional data charges." therefore it's not an issue of MobiTV on Media Works being a problem.
    5) I've been using XPress Mail on the Treo with Media Net. It's included for free with Media Net, but if they really wanted to they could figure out that I'm using the Palm Version. Haven't had a problem in the 6 months I've been using it.

    You are PAYING for an unlimited data plan, correct? You said you didn't want to pay $20, I think you meant $20 MORE.

    All said and done. Cingular reserves the right to take away the data plan for any usage they decide is inappropriate. And that means anything, pretty much a blank check. That goes for all phones on all plans. So it could happen, I just don't think it's going to happen by them getting a list of subscribers and matching it to accounts.

    But you did ask Mr MobiTV. Maybe he can at least confirm #1
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    Anyone have any idea why all the channels but preview are locked out on my device? I paid for my subscrition and logged in.
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    same happened to me. I then realize I may have deleted some necassary files. I did a full reinstall & all is well now!
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    Quote Originally Posted by larry91403
    Anyone have any idea why all the channels but preview are locked out on my device? I paid for my subscrition and logged in.
    This happened to me once...I did a soft resent of the phone and that fixed the problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MacUser
    It's like this guy read my mind on all 3 points. Use the subscription numbers to get more content
    Great minds think alike?
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    I have paid for the subscription, but there seems to be one problem.. When I click on the MobiTV logo at the top left and open the menu and try to go to Preferences it always takes me back to the log-in page saying I need a account, which I already do have... Anybody else have this problem with the Preferences button? If not, what can you change/edit from the Preferences page?? thanks
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    Real quick --

    No, Cingular does not have anything to do with Handmark's billing. If they haven't caught you yet, they're not going to via us

    The Preferences panel is currently only for managing your Handmark subscription details. It gives you the option to fix them if they're broken, but if they're correct, you should never need to go into this screen.
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