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    Quote Originally Posted by taylorh
    Download the new client.
    The beta connects to the beta server, the release client connects to the production servers and interacts with the authentication (billing system.) So there are a lot of changes.
    If you sign up through Sprint (which I don't think you can do yet) it should direct you where to download the client after/when you sign up just as Handmark does when you sign up.
    If you sign up through Handmark (I think the only way so far) the PRC URL for the download is:
    The thing is that Sprint allowed me to sign up by phone without a problem. So I now have MobiTV activated (according to Sprint - and my bill), but I'm using the beta software. This is no biggie for me, since I'm getting the use out of the service, but it seems I should be able to download the actual non-beta software from somewhere.

    I would download the Handmark installer and see if it works, but I don't want to mess with something that's working as is.
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    Good question, I don't have the answer for you. Someone else or MobiTV will have to take this one.
    I know the Beta will be shut off pretty soon according to an earlier post. So you may want to use it until it's either shut off or you get the answer.
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    At least for now, do not buy Sprint TV from Sprint!!! This will not work. You need to download MobiTV from Handmark.

    Sprint told me (after a CSR activated Sprint TV on my account.) that my phone will not work with Sprint TV.

    For $10 a month, I am not sure how much use I will get out of it, but if I decide to cancel it, it's a cheep trial for only $10. If I would have had it right after the Hurricane, I would have killed my battery using it non stop.

    The quality is blocky due to the compression, but it's interesting to watch it when things stay still for a second, and the resolution increases dramatically.

    I used it on break at work last night, and I get poor reception there, 1 to 2 bars. I was surprised how good it worked. I seems to rarely stop to buffer. They must have some incredible compression techniques.
    Blue Skies,
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    same here, some channels are pretty clear and continues to play without any buffering for me. I want some poker network or some channels that have actual shows. anyone know how many more channels will be added? i saw that they put in the NFL network, Maxx sports, and some other channels the other night.
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    Buffering Buffering Buffering! I tried to show my friends MobiTV Saturday and it was frustratingly unwatchable even with 3-4 bars! Friday the video was mostly smooth. I wonder if MobiTV has its good days and bad days?
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    Does MobiTV auto-update itself (channels and software)? How do I know if there is a new version out?
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    the channels update theirselves as far as i know
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    Quote Originally Posted by Plank
    Buffering Buffering Buffering! I tried to show my friends MobiTV Saturday and it was frustratingly unwatchable even with 3-4 bars! Friday the video was mostly smooth. I wonder if MobiTV has its good days and bad days?
    I think MobiTV commented earlier in the thread that network congestion will affect smoothness. He/she also said they will be introducing some additional technology to improve compression. We'll see how effective that is.
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    Hi - sounds like there are a few more questions which could use answering

    -We are NOT YET selling through Sprint, but we will be as soon as possible (as I think people already know, the Handmark client does work on Sprint, but you don't have the option of putting the charge on your phone bill). Sprint TV is a parallel service to MobiTV, we run it but it doesn't offer the same breadth of channels and it works through the built in media player on some Sprint phones, but not the Treo (which really needs a built in media player, doesn't it?) Bujin - if you were allowed to buy MobiTV on your Treo, that's a bug in their vending system, contact them for a refund. I'll post here (and Sprint will advertise like crazy) when it's available through Sprint.

    -Signal strength is not an indicator of throughput, so you can have a weak signal and if nobody else is clogging up the tower you're connected to, you can watch TV all day, and vice versa. Time of day means a lot more than signal strength. Incidentally, we have noticed in scanning our logs that most Treos are actually a little faster on the downloads than we'd thought, so we're planning right now to crank up the feeds. We are already delivering much higher data rates to Treo than any other phone, but this is the flagship and we want to make it as good as possible.

    -The channel guide does update itself and as some have noticed, it's already done that once (and in the future, you'll see a little scrolling marquee that tells you when that happens), the app does not update itself at the moment although we will be able to notify all paying customers via Handmark and Sprint that there's an update available.

    -Someone mentioned having a Sprint Treo that had been Verizoned and was having problems with the production app; I'm not shocked that this is happening, please write back to this thread and tell me the string your carrier claims to be (upper left corner of the Phone app). Thanks.

    -If you experience any consistent crashes, please write and tell them the following information:

    -device carrier and firmware version
    -circumstances surrounding the crash as best you remember (what channel, what time of day, anything running in the background)
    -any interesting 3rd party apps you're running
    -to please forward this message to engineering, as you're not specifically asking them for any help

    The vast majority of people never crash, or at least crash no more often than their Treo does regularly. (I and everyone else in the office are in this bucket, I haven't crashed in weeks of heavy viewing.) Anecdotally, beta users have told me that a hard reset and selective reinstalling of apps fixes crashing problems they were having with MobiTV -- this isn't surprising but isn't a solution for everyone. But if crashes really get in your way, please tell me the above information, we may discover a 3rd party conflict or a channel delivering bad video.

    Thanks --
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    First off I love this new app. Does not crash and works very well in my area.

    My only complaint is the poor sound quality and volume control. Video streams really well but there is distortion in the sound quality. I have it all the way up to 5 just to hear it and it crackles. Cingular phone w/o VolumeCare ... Any others having the same sound issues? Watching CNET and Fashion Network now and each has a different sound quality and max volume.

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    RE: <sfmanual> Sound problem

    I have the same problem. Besides content (MLB hilites are two days old a lot of the time), sound quality is the biggest problem. Otherwise, I will gladly pay for this. (Cingular)
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    I have found if you cup your hand behind the treo (over the speaker) the sound is far better.
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    Regarding the crashing; MobiTV has been very stable on my Treo. I'm running it from the SD card via PowerRun and the only crash problem I've had is when the Treo had a really weak signal and dropped into roaming mode.
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    I found the sound quality to be a bit sub-par also. I did the hand cuping thing at work on break once, just so the whole break room wouldn't have to listen to it, and it did sound a little better. It kind of sucks that the speaker is pointing away from you.

    I plugged it into my car stereo, and it sounded great! I would imagine it would sound good with a headset.
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    How is the channel line-up for carrier/phone decided?

    I am trying MobiTV on my SprintPCS Treo and we don't have either ITN or the Cartoon Network (CN?) however both of those are listed on their website as being channels available via MobiTV. I assume they are available to OTHER carriers, but why not for SprintPCS? How can we get them?

    I personally would be willing to pay the $10/month if it included ITN and CN. As it is I'll probably cancel since I don't need so many sport channels.

    Also as a suggestion, it would be great to have a "Channel Guide" station which lets you knows what shows are showing at what time on the channels that your phone/network gets.
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    When EV-DO is available, will incoming calls get through while using MobiTV (or other data services) or will they be sent straight to voicemail like now?

    That is a big worry of mine, missing an important call while watching MobiTV. I understand that it has to do with 1xRTT and not with MobiTV, but it is still a reason why I will probably not continue to use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobitv
    Hi - sounds like there are a few more questions which could use answering

    -Someone mentioned having a Sprint Treo that had been Verizoned and was having problems with the production app; I'm not shocked that this is happening, please write back to this thread and tell me the string your carrier claims to be (upper left corner of the Phone app). Thanks.

    The in the phone app it says Verizon. Thanks.
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    I downloaded MobiTV last night and have been playing around with it a bit today. Overall, it's very impressive that you can get 20 channels of live television on your phone. The picture on the Treo is pretty good but the audio is only as good as the poor speaker on the phone. A corded headset works better though.

    Battery drain could prove to be a drawback though. It seems to really drain down pretty quickly. The cost is $10 per month, which is really pretty reasonable. During installation, it does reccomend that you ourchase an unlimited data plan, because it uses a LOT of data power. Pretty nice of them to warn users about that, I think.

    I'll have to see how much I actually use it over the next couple of months to decide for certain if this is something I will use often. For now, it sure seems like a home run for the Treo650.

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    10 minutes later and I'm up and running. If you travel, and have the unlimited Cingular plan, this looks pretty tempting....

    the picture is actually pretty good considering this in my cell phone ...
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    Few more comments:

    -We hear you on sound quality. We're working on it, especially for the music channels, but hopefully all channels will see a boost in quality under good network conditions as soon as we roll our changes out. A headset most definitely does help, the Treo's speaker is the primary culprit. The Treo's audio codec support also leaves something to be desired, and the input content's volume level ranges pretty widely, so there's a lot of factors at play, but we're working on it.

    -I don't know about EV-DO's handling of incoming calls, but with 1xRTT, you should still reliably get voicemail alerts even while watching TV, so if people leave you messages you should get them immediately. SMSes will also appear immediately even if you're using your data connection.

    -I noticed the MLB Highlights were out of date as well, I'll check on that, I'm pretty sure that's not normal. Again, if you see something you think isn't right with respect to programming, please do report it to

    -Cartoon Network and ITN are not listed on our website in the Treo's channel lineup. They are available only in the UK. This all has to do with content licensing agreements. The best thing you can do is write to Cartoon Network and ask why they're not on MobiTV US; every little bit helps! The TV Guide station is a great suggestion, functionality similar to this is slated for our next major release.
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