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    Ok I used to have a 128MB SD card that came free from Palm before the Cingular update. However, I got my treo stolen and I need a new SD card for my new Treo. I was looking on ebay and I found a couple good deals but the brands are kind of unknown to me. I also know that the Treo 650 has a 2GB limit for SD cards? Am I correct?

    Well heres the 2GB SD card I found on ebay. Can someone tell me if its any good? Its only $99

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    Don't forget to add in the shipping and insurance.
    And if something is not right, what does it cost to send it back to HK (plus the lost of shipping and insurance you paid for an unknow brand with all the claims)?
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    I don't know about the limit of the size of the SD card the 650 can take so can't help you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lazieboss
    I also know that the Treo 650 has a 2GB limit for SD cards? Am I correct?
    Yes I think this is correct.
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    Palm Large SD card Compatibility:
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