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    Kay so im a newbie at some of this stuff, and it seems like theres so many to choose from, this is what i want my treo to do, can anyone tell me if im on the right track and maybe guide me to some programs?

    I want my treo to be able to , set mp3's as ringtones...I was thinking ringo pro (anything else?)

    I want my treo to have a nice built in alarm, plus a few extras with it...i was thinking butler (anything else?)

    I want a better browser (no clue where to even start)

    I want a few nice games, just fun stuff to play every now and then for 5-10 minutes at a time...Nothing to big but under 15$, can anyone recommend any?

    I want a program that lets me customize my treo, make it look cool, things like that...i was thinking zlauncher.. (anything else)?

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    Seems you've sort of answered your own questions

    To add to Ringo, there is (I can't believe I'm typing this) Lightwav, and one or two other ringtone managers.

    Bobs Alarm may be another alarm alternate

    Browsers are limited, and IMHO, no one has a clear advantage over the others.

    Games are easily searched for...

    Launcher X, Initiate are other options as well as ZL.

    And as always, do a search. You'll find a lot of ideas.
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    is xiino any better then blazer?
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    xiino is faster than blazer but renders pages differently (and not as nicely) as blazer. Definitely quicker though.
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    thanks..anyone else?

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