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    ygthb - Actually, I'm not aware of ANY reset issues with the Beta, so I'd like some more information; it's generally been rock solid. If you get get me a log or otherwise give me more informatiion, I'd like to look into it. Logging instructions are in the FAQ at

    ONE QUICK POINT: I don't understand why you'd see "Shutting Down ChatterEmail" unless you either 1) removed it from memory (which is BAD; very BAD) or 2) started a HotSync.

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    OK, you might be onto something, I have been running DBCache tool, I will bet that it is attempting to dump memory. I will activate the log and get it to you ASAP.

    If this is the event, would RLock prevent DBcachetool from dumping Chatter from memory?

    I have seen the Shutting down message when doing a hotsync.

    ART (ygthb)
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    Chatter will have severe problems if you have either DBCache Tool or rlock doing ANYTHING with it.

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    OK, I just loaded b7, I was on b3. You are quick, 4 revs in 2 days, WOW.

    I will turn off DBCache tool and RLock. I dont usually RLock anything so that is not a loss, but I am not sure about getting rid of DBCachetool. I will test and let you know.

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    I believe there are some applications that make the system believe that there is a hotsync. For example DBCacheTool used to do that, but I deleted it and I have no problems.

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    Problem is that Chatter needs to be in memory all the time if you're using it...

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    I just checked and MLock reports that Chatter is already Locked in memory. DBCacheTool should not unload Chatter if the program executing correctly. I have both programs loaded, but both are disabled. I have not had a reset in a long time so do not need these programs. I guess these programs could be removed and save the memory but I have over 11GB free.
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    One thing that was a big help for me was to sign up for the email newsletter at

    Every time a new beta is released, I can do a quick OTA download with the Package Installer, which unpacks and installs all in one. I didn't realize that was available and was doing things the hard way. However, now I upgrade to each new beta in less than a minute!
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    I decided to go with Snapper a while back because of two things.

    1. Fonts. I was able to control this in the mailbox views but not in the message views. Large message were too much of pita to read with big giant letters and having to scroll all day.

    2. Syncing drafts. I couldn't sync drafts folder with a server folder so I was not able to access drafts written on the Treo with any other computer. This was the main deal breaker.

    If these two things get fixed I'll probably switch immediately.
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    #1 is in the beta, but not #2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chatter
    #1 is in the beta, but not #2.

    Even if not an actual sync, it'd be neat to be able to move a message out of the local Drafts folder on the Treo to a server Drafts folder.

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    Why not e-mail it to yourself. Then you can put it in any synchronized folder you like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Grace
    Why not e-mail it to yourself. Then you can put it in any synchronized folder you like.

    Two reasons: 1) Auto sync with a server (like sent mail is now) would be elegant, moving drafts manually to a server would be OK, but forwading messages then moving them would be the most steps; I'd likely forget something - and 2) Forwarding adds header info that shouldn't be there in a draft message.
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