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    Hello all..

    I typically don't post on these forums, (I'm one of those silent readers!) but I've got a problem that I could really use some help with.

    It seems that wherever SMS messages are stored, whatever file(s) that is - something is corrupt. Somehow someone sent me a SMS - and it appeared with no bodyin the message. Ever since then, when sending text messages - the phone resets. I've narrowed it down to this "blank" entry - because I can delete EVERY other thread, and EVERY other message with no problems. If I try to delete the suspect message - the phone locks up.

    I've tried a hard reset - and re-syncing, but it just syncs back the same corrupt file.

    Anyone have any suggestions? I don't mind losing all of my SMS's and starting fresh. Is there a way that I can "remove" the database that it stores these things in and force it to create a new database?

    Thanks a billion.

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    I think I've solved my own problem. Using FileZ I found and deleted the file called "messages database", and seems to have created a new and empty database file. I sent out a few messages - got some back - and I'm good to go.

    Just in case anybody else ever has this problem.


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    I too have had the same exact problem. Someone sent me a message that came in as almost appeared that it was actually a mms message and not an sms, but I know the person actually sent an sms. The message was indeed blank and I couldn't delete it. I eventually had to do a hard reset and re-install (not restore) everything, but just the other day, I noticed that it started happening again. The odd thing is that the soft reset would only occur when I hit the send button. I will make a note to try and delete that same file you mentioned if it happens again.

    The really weird thing is that after it started doing this again on Saturday night, I fell asleep and when I woke up, it sent me back the text messages (after clearing on the soft-reset) and then just started working fine again.

    By any chance, did you have SharkMsg installed? It's the only thing that I could see to start causing the problem.

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    I hate to repeat what is said but I had the same problem but I deleted the messaging database and the problem left.

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    Thank you for this solution! I was thinking it was a hardware problem (I've dropped my poor phone more times than I can count) and even went out and bought a new Treo hoping to fix the problem. Deleting that file solved the problem and saved me hours of grief going through tech support with Cingular.

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