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    I just bought this thing, and I wanted to ask what you guys store on the unit itself, and what you store on the SD card??

    What i'm trying to figure out is what HAS to go on the unit, and what all can be stored on a card instead.

    How do you determine this?
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    You can store audio, video, and data files. You can also store applications like games and other apps that will run fine on a SD card. You need to check app's documentation to determine whether it can be stored on the card.
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    Large things that you don't need to access very quickly can go on the card. You can also launch some applications from the card with a launcher program. I use the card for music (not much), backups, and some large but little used programs (DocumentsToGo).
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    I've got that down, I just don't know if there is anything crucial I need to store on there so i'm not taking up the on board memory unless I have too. I want to make sure I get what I need on the device that is life or death, then the rest can go on the card.
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    Walk around with it bone-stock without the card for a while and see what you wish you had but don't. After a while you'll know what you want on your card.

    I have some music on mine and some ebooks. I also use it to transfer files from one computer to another, since it's always with me.

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    I'm going to be using it for school slash business, and my plans are to store Worldmate, My Anatomy book, class notes (PDF) and big files on the card. My guess is Java has to go on the unit, I'm thinking Xiino, and possibly backupman

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