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    Hi there -- my new Verizon T650 makes an unexplained beep every now and then, for no reason I can see. Nothing shows up on the screen. I think it happens when I am out of network coverage, and I suspect it might have something to do with Chatter trying to be "always on" -- however, I have disabled alerts in Chatter, and still keep getting this strange beep. The device also keeps trying to start the Wireless Sync -- even though I am not trying to use that feature -- perhaps that is the culprit. Anyway, I've tried to disable alerts all over the place, with no success. Any thoughts?

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    Is your service tone off?

    Prefs application -> Sound and Alerts -> Tones
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    Thanks scottymomo! Service tone was "on"...hopefully this resolves the annoying beep.

    Is there any way to identify what event triggerred the sound in the first place? Is there some sort of activity log you can check?

    Thanks again,
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    I had the same problem and it when I turned Service Tone off, I don't hear it any more.

    It brings back bad memories for me to hear that tone because after I loaded Ringo, which caused my 650 to reset, I would hear that tone just before the reset.
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    Please let us know if it still beeps with the service tones off. I use to get a beep sometimes. I suspected chatter but it went away before I could figure it out.

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