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    I don't have a lot of data points, but for me (Treo 650, T-Mobile Unlimited), it looks like:

    1) Versamail autosync works fine for a standard POP account.

    2) Versamail autosync has never worked for my corporate IMAP account. (Actually, it's an Exchange server but since I don't use Exchange for calendaring, I've configured it as IMAP.)

    To get to the corporate server, I have to use MergicVPN. I have MergicVPN set to autoconnect for VersaMail. Versamail works without a problem if I manually get messages, both on the POP account and the corporate IMAP account. (I don't have Mergic set to forward all traffic to the VPN, so POP access works fine even if the VPN is connected.)

    My theory is that MergicVPN is *not* getting activated on Autosync and thus the IMAP access fails while the POP access works fine. Whatever method Autosync uses to trigger Versamail, Mergic doesn't see it.


    1. Can anyone else confirm or refute the theory? (In particular, has anyone ever gotten Autosync to work with MergicVPN?)

    2. If it is true, any ideas/suggestions on how to get Mergic to trigger?

    TIA, Stephen
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    Check this out - its the fact that your VPN gateway is using IPSEC not PPTP for VPN connectivity. ask them abou it - they will be able to explain. Two very different protocols for vpn connectivity. Mergic only supports PPTP.

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