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    I'm currently a PocketPC user looking to integrate my cell phone and PDA. I have a newbie question about the Treo 650. On the pocketPC, I've gotten proficient at using Transcriber to enter text and numbers using my own handwriting. Is there a similar program that will allow me to enter all my text that way on the Treo? I'm not too keen on the thumb keyboard.

    Actually, I'd be interested to hear opinions (keyboard vs. Transcriber) from anyone out there who has experience with both.

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    Yup, look into TealScript. It will allow you to do exactly what you want.
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    I was pretty good with Graffiti on my old Palm, and initially I missed it on my Treo. But the more I use the keyboard, and especially navigating with the 5-way, the less I miss Graffiti. I try to pull out the stylus as little as possible. More and more apps are being written to utilize the 5-way buttons. One of the best features of the Treo is being able to use it with one hand.
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    I was a huge graffiti user on my old palms, and like zvandiver i initially used it very little on my treo. Now, though, i'm finding myself using it more and more for text inputting.
    iPhone in the Washington DC area.
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    Just bumping this thread to the top of the list. I'd be appreciative if a few people with experince with the writing programs can comment. Thanks.

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