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    before I get flamed by everyone just let me start off by say that i've done a search but none of the solutions were a cure for my problem.....whenever I try to use the send option it doesn't work......i've read in other posts that it was the saved prefs which was the case before but now,and I don't or ever did have keyboard software on my phone,so my guess is that it's an app that's conflicting with this option. even when I try to send using filez I get an error.......has anyone had a similar issue and these fixes did not work.....what did you do or what app in your experience is causing this problem....thanx in advance!!
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    <this is not a flame>
    What is the "send" option?

    Is it the send in the messaging application?
    Is it the "send contact" in the contacts application?
    Is it the green phone/send button?

    What exactly are you trying to do? Based on your mention of filez, i am guessing you are trying to send a file. To what? Using which method? What error(s) do you recieve?

    If you want help you'll have to provide details....
    </this is not a flame>
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    sorry I wasn't clear, i'm trying to send either a file or app via bluetooth or beam to another handheld. normally I cand go to home and select "send" from the menu,then you get a list of all your apps on the phone. if you pick one then push send,it usually give you an option to "send" either by bluetooth or beam.,the same thing for filez(if you have the beam/menu option enabled). in the case of filez I get the message"...error while trying to perform this operation".......when normally you get the email/bluetooth/beam option........there you go.....please someone heeelp!!
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    Have you tried to soft reset?

    How much free RAM is on your device?
    "Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen."
    - Albert Einstein
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    The problem is that your unsaved preferences have become corrupted. Use filez to move your unsaved preferences file to you sd card and then try it. You may have to re-enter a few serial numbers and calibrate your screen after you do this but it will fix the problem.
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    thanks alot,thats what it was my unsaved prefs....duh.....!! instead of re-entering some codes all I did was copy an older "working" unsaved prefs file from my pc,now everything is fine.....uh..ah...huh??
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