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    When I receive a VM while on a phone call, I seem to get soft resets. This is actually the only reproducible instance of the soft resets that corrupt the prefs DB that p1 hasn't fixed yet. I wonder if this could help fix that problem? Anyone else with this problem?
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    Are you using Ringo? I had an issue with the voicemail notifier causing a reset when the missed call screen was still up & know of others who have had similar vm notifier caused resets when using Ringo.


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    Thanks for the input but I'm not using Ringo.
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    This happened to me when I had butler installed. Once I had multiple VM waiting to hear and as soon as I came in the coverage area my treo reset because of the missed call alerts. So I removed butler otherwise I love that feature.
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    If you're using any 3rd party software, uninstall it to see if the problem persists. If it goes away, add them back one at a time until the problem appears. Then, uninstall that app and never use it again.

    If it occurs without any 3rd party software, your Treo needs to be fixed (ie, replaced). This is not a known feature.

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