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    I have a SPCS T650 with ROM 1.12 and have had soft resets when accessing ID (whenever I get to the point of getting a list of antibiotic recommendations). This has occurred ever since I reinstalled the version that allows DX to be placed in the memory card.

    If you are experiencing this problem, please let Epocrates know because they are not providing further tech support on this until/unless others are having problems.
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    I use Epocrates RX pro and have moved several items to my card via ZLauncher. My experience:
    1. Rx and ID must run from RAM. The databases are too large to load from a card everytime you need quick access. I don't use ID very much and tried to move it to my card but it caused Rx to crash.
    2. I use Zlauncher to run Tables and MedMath from the card. Works fine.
    3. I don't subscribe to Labs or Dx. The problem is that the items are automatically downloaded with every autoupdate. Although they are locked with my subscription, they take up the same amount of RAM as the unlocked versions. I have been able to delete them using either the delete command or the file manager in Zlauncher and it frees up about 400kb of RAM. My suspicion is that you could use Zlauncer or another card launcher program to move these to the card.
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    You CANNOT use Zlauncher to move it to the card. You must choose the install to card option when installing it (after First deleting the old version from ram and the card if necessary). Mine now works fine from the card.
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    Easy wcarlson. You can't do it. I just did it. As I said it runs slow as it takes some time to load a 1.6MB database.
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    I keep all of ePocrates in the main memory and move almost everything ELSE to the card using PowerRun. The only medical application I have that runs well from the card is the Washington Manual. EPocrates is a very handy reference but as a palm application it's a monstrosity. As long as it's working I just autoupdate regularly and otherwise mess with it as little as possible.

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