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    how do i get this to work? its not working.
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    We need more information. What email application are you using? What exactly is not working?
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    well i click the mail icon on the phone- nothing like AOL shows up. it has tons of stuff from other countrys. the only US ones r at&t , bell south, comcast, sbc
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    Those are just defaults, but that doesn't mean that's the only email providers that it supports. There should be a choice for Other, where you'll need to enter the necessary information, such as POP3 server address (server to retrieve email), SMTP server address (server to send email through), username, and password.
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    do u know how to set up a AOL account?
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    You won't be able to check your AOL email using the built-in mail software. That software only supports retrieving email from a POP3 server. You will need an email client that can retrieve email from an IMAP server. The email clients most recommended for doing IMAP email are Snappermail and Chatteremail. Another option would be to use AOL PDA Application.
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    Hello dport,

    Try using Aileron Mail the mobile email solution can be used to manage mailboxes that are accessible via: IMAP4 and POP3 (with or without SSL), portals like Hotmail, MSN, AOL, GMail, Yahoo, as well as Microsoft Exchange based mailboxes that are accessible via Outlook Web Access. A no-cost no-obligation evaluation is available.

    I invite you to experience Aileron Mail. If you have questions, you can always meet me on-line for interactive chat between 7am and 5pm EST, Monday through Friday, at
    Tim K
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    ... and requiring an intermediate server and subscription. Don't forget that!


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