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    Hi Marc,
    I forward my work emails to fastmail and dowload with chatter via imap idle. I am running 1.1b3.
    Often I will get messages that have in the body "no message" on the Treo, yet the body is there when I open fastmail. Any idea what could be causing this?

    Thank you for your help.
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    No, I really don't. Could you possibly redirect (Thunderbird allows this) one of those messages to me?

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    Just a thought... do your "no message" messages have any attachments? Maybe it came through that way.
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    "No message" means that there was no body for the message. It could be an empty message, it could be a server issue, I'm guessing.

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    Marc do you want me to set my Lotus Notes to redirect to you? I don't think it is the notes server forwarding that is the problem.

    I know it gets to fastmail as the complete email but when chatter pulls from fastmail it turns into 'no message'. Also if I reload my fastmail inbox in chatter using the reload command, it still comes in as no message again so it's not a one time error in dowloading.

    It is random, some come in full messages, others have the 'no message' body.

    Attachments don't make a difference.

    What would you like me to do?
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    Redirect one of the messages to me from fastmail (Thunderbird allows this, as does Entourage).

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    I hit forward from my account, I use the web log in and not Thunderbird or other email client.
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    Forward doesn't help in this case. I think fastmail ( has a redirect command.

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    I just redirected.
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    I don't see anything...

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    Hi Marc, I tried redirecting a few more, did anything come in?
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    You'd have to let me know what they look like...

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    Marc the newest beta 1.1b11 fixed my problem. I downloaded it then reloaded the mailbox and it's fixed! Thanks for the help.

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