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    Is there any product or service that will cut back on all the spam I'm getting on my Treo 650?

    I am about to change ISP's over to Comcast, and I am considering dumping Versamail for SnapperMail IF that will help eliminate all the spam.

    What do you folks recommend?


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    The mail client you use to retrieve your mail isn't going to have any effect on the amount of spam you receive. Any spam filtering provided by Comcast will likely take place before the mail arrives in your inbox. Once it's there, it doesn't matter what client you use to retrieve it.
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    If Comcast's spam filtering proves inadequate, you should consider a server-side spam filter, like Prism Email or Spam Interceptor.
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    Or SpamCop, which is what I use. Very flexible and very effective. Virus filtering too.
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    I wound up running my own server on my own domain. Before I started, I was getting 300 messages a day (I kid you not, BUT I've had the same email address for years, and as a journalist, it is published in two magazines every month.) Needless to say, that overwhelms even a dialup account, let alone a wireless device.

    Now I get less than 20 a day, and they are by choice. A set of DNS Blacklist rules filters out about 160 message right away. Antivirus filters take out another 10. A trained Bayesian filter takes out the rest of the spam, pretty much. Filters I spent few days working on redirect my mailing list messages to a seperate account that I don't generally check on the Palm. What remains is about 20 daily messages: 15 what I wanted and about 5 spam that got through.

    An extreme solution, but for an extreme problem.

    Otherwise, I also signed up with to their "do not spam list." These guys will basically do a DDOS attack against spammers who spam people on their list. My filters were seeing about 30% less spam inside a week after signing up. Interesting idea.

    Otherwise, you need an ISP with real spam filtering. Surpsingly, GMAIL's filters are working really well for me. Hotmails and Yahoo's never did...

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    I have used comcast for about 6 months and get very little spam. I have had Yahoo for quite some time and am inundated with spam.
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    Use an ISP that uses Brightmail. It's the gold standard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wernst
    An extreme solution, but for an extreme problem.
    That is quite the solution. How long did it take for you to get it to where you wanted?
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    Quote Originally Posted by t2gungho
    That is quite the solution. How long did it take for you to get it to where you wanted?
    Well, I already had a server running (for apache, mysql, ftp, remote, and pop3/imap email), and I change them all the time based on reviews or whims (someitmes Linux, sometimes windows).

    I generally had my (previously very basic) email server set to do nothing except faithfully accept mail for my mailbox. Once I hit 200 mails a day, I knew I had to do something, because I had stopped accessing mail wireless because of all the spam.

    I was fortunate enough to review a commercial email server that runs both Linux and windows, and it is much friendlier than rolling-your-own from nothing but Open Source products (which is also perfectly feasible if you don't feel like spending almost $1000 on an enterprise-grade email server for just yourself.)

    So back to your question: once the server was running, it took about an hour to write the mailing list filter rules, 5 minutes to enable the blacklists and AV scanning (again, commercial product here), and perhaps 3 weeks before the built-in bayesian filter knew the difference between spam and ham.

    Had this all been open-sourced software working together, I would give each major feature about one evening's worth of tinkering (one evening for blacklists, one for the server and its accounts, one for av, one for bayesian filtering, and then probably one or two for tinkering with the setup overall.) Then add antispam training time as with the commercial product.

    A am so very pleased with the results, I would spend the time with open-source programs to duplciate the effect if I had to.

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    Warr: you have given me a new appreciation for my IT guys at my school. (BTW-I only caught about 1/2 of the stuff you actually said.) Nice job though.
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