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    I am trying to decide on a new case to buy for my Treo 650. I own the Rhinoskin aluminum hardcase (the same as innopocket) but managed to break the plastic screen and bend the hinges so the door doesn't close properly. I am trying to decide between the new Magnum or the Alu-leather case by proporta. The hinges on the Magnum look better than the ones on the old aluminum hardcase but I am not sure. I have also read some bad things about the SD card holder on the Magnum not allowing the door to be fully opended. I am also not sure about the flip style on the Alu-leather case; it seems it would be a pain when talking on the phone. Which I do alot!
    Anyone have any suggestions on which case? Or have another suggestion? Thanks!
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    many guys talk about zCover, I got mine today. Great case!!

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