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    Has anyone had any experience using the ThinAir email pqa?
    Is it possible to use this via Omnisky?
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    I've been using ThinMail until we can get our mail server on a better connection. Omnisky times out when trying to access our mail server.

    ThinMail works great, the only caveat is that you must be connected to read your mail.
    James Hromadka, TreoCentral Editor
    Houston - EST. 1836
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    I'm waiting on my second Minstrel - the first was a mess. And I am wondering about using 3rd Party software like ThinAir with Omnisky.
    Are there Pros and Cons worth mentioning?
    BY the by., VC has been an especially good resource of info for me as a Visor user. Thanks for the good work.
    Also - headed to Texas for Thanksgiving with Family and Friends - how's the weather?

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